[Video] Christianity Is Becoming So Cheap – Ben Moshe Over Nana Agradaa’s Repentance


Speaking to Adom 103.6 FM’s Adom Entertainment Hall, the founder of the Common Sense Family (CSF) Avraham Ben Moshe expressed his displeasure and disappointment over Nana Agradaa’s repentance.

In her Fetish Priestess days, Avraham tried to book an appointment to seek for money retual services of Nana Agradaa termed “Sika Gari”. His request was declined and he was not surprised because “she knows what she’s doing is duping” he said.

Avraham is not pleased with the fact that Christians quickly accepted her repentance and jubilate over it. He finds this attitude disrespectful to the Christian religion. He added that even God would not be pleased with some people’s repentance because He (God) knows those people would not help the Kingdom.

The Leader of the Common Sense Family (CSF) is of the view that Christianity is becoming cheap so Agradaa enters into Christianity and instantly becomes an Evangelist. He added that this cannot happen in Islam because noone becomes a Muslim and suddenly occupies the Imam position.


“Agradaa didn’t even say she’s a Pastor nor Prophet, she said she’s Evangelist, who trained her?” he asked.

Avraham continued to say Nana Agradaa’s repentance is just a rebranding of her dubious activities to a “Pro Max” level. She is moving from “Sika Gari” to “Oil Gari” and other tricks.

Watch full show below:

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