Thieves raid Assemblies of God Church; bolt with musical instruments

Thieves raid Assemblies of God Church

Thieves have raided a local Assembly of the Assemblies of God Church at Ogome, a suburb of Odumase Krobo in the Eastern Region, and made away with musical instruments.

The suspects chiseled and removed the entire burglar-proof window frame after failing to break into it.

The items stolen were bass amps, keyboard, guitar, audio link, compressor, Audio mixer, microphones among others.

“They took two power amplifiers, they took audio link, they took keyboard, they took mixer, they took cross over , compressor, microphones and others,” Rev.Isaac Gyedu told Starr News.


He added that “One of our members from Odumase boarded a Hyundai commercial vehicle to Accra that day, when they got to the junction, a guy stopped the vehicle and they loaded items packed into black polythene bags and Sellotaped. So the mate asked ‘where are you going with this equipment at the time? Are you going to a church program? the guy didn’t mind him. The boot was full so they booked one seat for the guy so he sat and put the audio links and others on the seat. The guy alighted at Novotel in Accra”.

The incident has been reported to the Police at Odumase Krobo. The incident happened on Thursday.

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