Public service is not party service – Kwaku Azar


Politicians have misled and lured some of their followers into believing that public service is the same as party service. The two are very different.

Thus, it is time to do a better job of explaining that public service is a public trust, requiring the public servant, even if he is a political appointee, to place loyalty to the Constitution, the laws, and ethical principles above party interest.

The PSC [Public Service Commission], NCCE [National Commission for Civic Education] and other civil society organizations should, through lectures, workshops, etc. explain to the people that public servants, even if politically appointed, are under an obligation to act impartially and to not give preferential treatment to any party people.

It must be taught in our schools, from BECE to Bachelors, that the law binds all public servants, including political appointees, to provide equal opportunities for all Ghanafuo regardless of their political affiliation.

It is absurd, perverse, and corruption of our politics for party people to feel entitled to troop to state-owned enterprises to seek funds as if these public enterprises are financiers.


Instead of us to do the rational thing of uniting to build a country that works for everyone, we have become obsessed with this irrational thing of creating a disunited country where one has to be seen as a party member, construed as self-appointed most loyal partyfuo, to even feel free to breathe.

And for what?

We need to pass laws that prohibit public officers, with the exception of elected officials, from openly engaging in political activities.

Unfortunately, that will mean people will have to choose between being party advocates or working as appointed public officers. Separation of party and state is an important doctrine in our polity.

Ghana is too politicized for no good reason and to harmful effect. The season for depoliticizing is upon us.

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