Popularity VS Celebrity: Not Every Popular Person Online Is Celebrated – Mzbel Advises


Ghanaian songstress and controversial social commentator, Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, popularly known in the entertainment industry as Mzbel, has opined who should be tagged as a celebrity.

The ’16 Years’ singer told Amansan Krakye in an interview on Kastle FM that not every popular person on social media should be described as a celebrity.

She argued that such a title must be earned.

“If someone should be called a celebrity the person must earn the title but right now the moment someone becomes popular on social media we start calling that person a celebrity.


“It’s not every popular person that’s supposed to be called a celebrity but unfortunately that’s how they’re treating it here,” she stated.

Mzbel recalled how one needed to work hard when she started her music career.

“But in our time when we started music, social media wasn’t there so for you to get an opportunity on radio or TV or appear on a front page of a newspaper, your works must have gotten to a level that makes you deserve that privilege.

“So you have to earn the title of a celebrity but right now It’s not like that social media makes people celebrities overnight and turn back to say all these people call themselves celebrities,” she concluded.

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