Get ready for tough times – DKB to Dreadlocked Students


Ghanaian stand-up comedian, Derrick Kobina Bonney believes although the dreadlocked students have won the court case which allows them to be admitted to the Achimota School, they should brace themselves up for tough times.

Tyrone Marhguy and Nkrabe are the two dreadlocked students who were denied admission by Achimota School for having thick hairs that they were not ready to cut.

These students, through their lawyers, dragged the school before the Human Rights Court and lo and behold, the court has ordered the school to readmit them ASAP.

DKB believes although they have been aided by the court they need to be ready for tough times in Achimota School. He intimated that their dreadlocks give them a distinct identity which will make it hard for them to escape from the eyes and minds of people.


Addressing Tyrone in a video he shared online, DKB said he needs to be ready to be bullied, treated harshly or perhaps subjected to punishment by students and teachers alike for his role prior to his eventual admission.

DKB, just like many Ghanaians believe these dreadlocked students will be faced with severe conditions in school which will make their stay in the school a tough one. Well, Tyrone may not be perturbed since he is a Day Student but Nkrabea may fall nicely into DKB’s description and find his words quite handy.

Check Out Video Below:


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