CTVET holds Greening TVET workshop for Principals of TVIs


The Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET) organized a working session on Greening TVET at the Tomreik Hotel in Accra.

The workshop brought together 40 heads of Technical and Vocational Institutes (TVIs) to discuss the challenges and opportunities in practicing Greening in TVET Institutions, to enable them develop Institutional Greening Plans (IGP).
CTVET holds Greening TVET workshop for Principals of TVIs

In his opening remarks, the Ag. Director General of CTVET Dr. Fred Kyei Asamoah, underscored the importance of strengthening the awareness and knowledge on greening to prepare learners for the emerging jobs and new opportunities that transitioning to a green economy will create.

“We need to train and equip these learners, our future labour force, to accept greening philosophies to change their thinking and mindset,” he added.
He charged the participants to be change agents and champion the path to “transforming the learning/training environments in their schools and the society at large, by developing and implementing effective green strategies.”


The Coordinating Lead for the Planning, Project, Research Monitoring and Evaluation (PPRME) Directorate of CTVET Mr. Samuel Thompson, in his presentation said, “there are various things we do that affect the environment negatively and these have consequences on future generations. Almost every sector has been affected by these negative practices and all the solutions to these negative practices are found in the TVET sector.”

CTVET holds Greening TVET workshop for Principals of TVIs

President of the Association of Principals of Technical Institutions (APTI) Mr Benjamin Adjabeng expressed satisfaction at the insights gleaned from the workshop.
“In our next meeting, we will come out with a policy that will improve upon tree planting, check erosion and encourage recycling in the schools,” he added.

The workshop delved into green concepts, potential green job areas, SDGs and Greening TVET; how to green the campus, curriculum and training and research, among others.

Greening TVET for environmental sustainability is one of the major pillars under the 5-year Strategic Plan for #TVET Transformation.

Story: Gabriel Amoakoh

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