Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornoo Clarifies Denial of Youtuber Ama Governor’s Call to the Bar

Ama Governor Call to the Bar

Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornoo has detailed the reason why popular Ghanaian Youtiber, Ama Governor, has been denied a call to the Bar.

The Ghanaian Youtuber, real name Elorm Ababio, was not called to the Bar in November 2022 despite completing the Ghana School of Law School and passing her interview.

It later emerged that the General Legal Council has put her call to the Bar on hold pending the outcome of a committee tasked to determine her worthiness or otherwise.

The General Legal Council through its secretary informed Ama Governor about a concerned citizen’s petition to the council alleging that she lacks good character befitting someone who aspires to be a lawyer.


The anonymous concerned citizen raised an issue with one of the YouTube content of Ama Governor and described it as a “conduct unbecoming of an application to be called to the Bar”. This has sparked an unending controversy on social media.

According to reports, the General Legal Council has constituted a three-member committee to investigate the complaint, and the outcome will determine the fate of the popular YouTuber.

However, Ama Governor missed the call to the Ghana Bar again in May 2023 as the Ghana Legal Council in a Mini Call called new lawyers to the Ghana Bar after her initial denial.

Speaking at a programme yesterday, Chief Justice Gertrude Torkornor shed light on the issues. According to her, she is shocked people don’t seem to understand the position of the Ghana Legal Council.

She said “when somebody has behaved in a certain way we say and we say we cannot call the person to the Bar, I was surprised at the furriery that rose up concerning the call to the bar of certain people, like seriously?

“This is proper conduct for the legal sector. That’s interesting. Anyway, so for you to come into our space and to come into the space of the legal sector, your conduct cannot be obscene and offensive and you expect that you’ll be admitted. It doesn’t work like that.

Your comments on social media, your ex parte communications for Judges is extremely critical,” she emphasized in the video below which is going viral.


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