Abena Korkor Can Sell Her Nudes And Make Money, We Can’t Judge Her – Yvonne Nelson

Abena Korkor Can Sell Her Nudes And Make Money, We Can't Judge Her - Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson and Abena Korkor

Actress, Yvonne Nelson, has urged Abena Korkor to quit sharing her naked videos and photographs for free on the internet.

Yvonne, who is also a movie producer, pointed out that the content Abena Korkor puts out can be monetized and tailored to a specific audience, who will pay for it.

“If it is something she wants to do professionally, I believe there are websites and avenues like Onlyfans, where she can commercialize and make money from them. She shouldn’t be showing all of these for free.”

The actress said this on UTV’S United Showbiz, Saturday, May 14, when they were discussing the Abena Korkor’s recent sharing of her nudes on social media.


She added that the mental health advocate, who suffers from bipolar disorder should be allowed to decide what she wants to do with her body as she is an adult.

“I feel like we don’t have the right to talk about anyone in that manner. She is an adult, and it’s just that the content she puts out are adult content. She has family, and they should be the ones concerned about these things. We are in no position to judge her.”

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