Abena Korkor ‘blinds’ fans with new under-water video

Abena Korkor ‘blinds’ fans with new under-water video
Abena Korkor is a media personality and a social media influencer

Wiggling her bum even whiles underwater, Abena Korkor has done her body flaunting gimmicks again.

Abena was captured in her full elements as she was seen vigorously dancing in a swimming pool.

Being a firm advocate of body positivity, the plus-sized socialite was seen displaying her skills in the pool from one end to the other.

It is unclear what the occasion was but it seems Abena Korkor was really having a good time.


Prior to this development, Abena Korkor had on several occasions flaunted her wild curves on social media.

Her famous ‘body flaunting’ clips have garnered the attention of followers, racking in thousands of views and garnering their comments underneath her posts all the time.

Watch the videos below

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