Your Mum And Sister Staying With You And Your Wife Not Advisable – Kwaku Manu


The “Am in love you, Am in kiss you” popular Ghanaian movie actor based in Kumasi popularly known as Kwaku Manu has given an important advice to couples.

He stated that it is not advisable for people to allow their sisters and mums to stay with them after marriage.

The outspoken actor indicated that many problems will crop up if they stay with their families in the same house after they have married.

He stressed how mistakable it would be for people to take such a decision during an interview with ZionFelix on the ‘Uncut’ Show.


According to him, these family members are capable of ruining the marriage if care is not taken.

Kwaku Manu averred it’s only a few families can support their in-laws who are staying in their family house.

He added that Sisters living with their brothers and Sisters-in-law could report whatever is happening between them to their mother (s) back home.

Kwaku further advised men to build a separate house for their families if they have the wherewithal.

Watch the full interview below.

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