You can’t ride a lame horse to victory – Dan Abodakpi to NDC

Dan Abodakpi, a former Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Congress
Dan Abodakpi, a former Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Congress

Dan Abodakpi, a former Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Congress has charged the leadership and membership of the party to return to the ethos and principles on which the party was formed.

Dan Abodakpi in a speech at a forum themed ‘Securing the NDC’s Future’, lamented that the party has departed from its philosophy and that has become its Achilles’ heel.

He bemoaned that the NDC in its current state is unable to win an election because it has become lame.

“This forum is a recognition of the fact that we have a formidable political organization which unfortunately has become lame. Assuming that you are running a race with a strong horse, the horse is lame. Can you ride the horse to victory? So, it is our collective responsibility to think through the actions that will heal the horse, strengthen the horse so that when we get a rider, however capable that rider is, he will have a very strong horse that will carry him to victory,” he said.


Dan Abodakpi made a further appeal for a conscious effort by the leadership of the party to unite its grassroots.

He argued that the party was robbed of victory in the 2020 elections because of the disunity that permeates at the grassroots level.

“I’m sure if I ask my colleague from Tema Central that I want to visit her branch today, the branches will be there in name but not really there. So is the case in my Keta Constituency, so is the case everywhere and that will explain the reason why victory will be beckoning us in 2020 and come to the finishing line; that victory will be taken from our hands,” the former Keta MP said.

The conference which was organized by the cadres of the party brought together stalwarts of the NDC to deliberate on recapturing power in 2024.

Speaking at the same forum, the NDC’s parliamentary candidate for Tema East, Ebi Bright charged the party to reward the loyalty of its members.

“I don’t envy them (NPP) at all but a few things I envy is their loyalty to their direction. They don’t make it about the individuals. They don’t have to like me. They are looking for what I bring to the table for the advancement of the common good. Our party needs to be the common denominator. So, let’s tell that to all the people holding an old grudge,” she said.

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