Woman Does #CrateChallenge in High Heels; Video Impresses Social Media Users

An American woman has successfully completed the #CrateChallenge. Images: @kcjj_04/Twitter Source: UGC

An American woman has the internet in a frenzy after positively shutting down the #CrateChallenge. What’s more, the beautiful lady did it all while wearing a pair of pencil high-heels.

The #CrateChallenge has taken the internet by storm in recent weeks and some users remarked that they had not yet seen anyone complete the social media competition.

To win, a person must successfully scale their way through a series of platforms that have been constructed entirely out of empty crates. Which is exactly what the high-heeled beauty did!


South Africans headed to the comments section, celebrating the beautiful black woman for showing the world exactly how it should be done. One hater, however, suggested that the high heels may have given our stunner an extra advantage.

Check out some of the interesting reactions to the post below:

@oliviadion1228 said: “I’ve only seen women win this lol.”

@b_timerrr said: “She got the posture and centre of balance for this one!”

@SoNinjaX said: “She cheating cause the heels stick in the holes and balance her.”

_TJSTEELER said: “Shi* s*xy asf I need help.”

@LastNameBlinks said: “That was impressive. But I ain’t get no laugh outta that lol.”

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