When dating a photographer, you can anticipate these lovely things.

Dating a photographer

If you are a partner of a photographer, be prepared for these beautiful things during your relationship.

1. He pays attention to details

Be prepared for your man to notice to smallest of changes and details, be it the new shoes you have on or the fact that you did something different to your hair.

His eyes do not miss a thing. (Sorry girls, the zit you thought you covered up well he noticed it!). In most cases, this is a boon seeing how he recalls everything you say and like.


2. He is a very patient man

Years of adjusting cameras, focusing lenses and repeatedly trying to capture an object perfectly have made him extremely patient. He knows that good things come to those who wait, so don’t be surprised if before a night out he patiently waits for you to get dressed for an hour without cribbing or asking you to hurry up. He values you.

3. Be prepared to pose

Now that you two are together, he has someone he finds truly beautiful to take pictures of all the time. He will take many pictures of you, some when you are not looking, some while you’re pigging out, and some when you probably feel like you look half asleep. Nevertheless, he finds them beautiful and may heaven save you if try to delete one! These pictures are truly precious to him.

4. He finds beauty in the simplest things possible

Don’t be surprised if he stops walking abruptly and pauses to take a snap of a rusty chair in an alley. This may seem crazy to you but he finds this aesthetic. Similarly, even on your worst hair days, don’t be surprised if he looks at you as if you are the most beautiful girl in the world! Because for him, you are

5. On a road trip, be prepared to hear a lot about the landscape

A photographer will stress the beauty of the snow-capped Alps against the Italian scenery plenty of times. Sometimes he will stop mid-conversation and gaze at the landscape. On the same note, his camera probably has more pictures of palm trees and flowers than you and him. Nature truly fascinates him, and if not already, this is something you yourself will learn to eventually admire.

6. As much as you try to blend in, his camera(s) will shout out “TOURISTS!”

Don’t be surprised if at every outing during a trip abroad, the fact that you two are tourists is obvious. His camera(s) will draw attention to you two, but he doesn’t mind. It works better than the classic tourist shirt and straw hat, I tell you!

7. You will visit beautiful and interesting places

Churches, museums, scenic beaches- they are his world- he loves them and will not hesitate to take you along to show you what he enjoys. Sometimes you two may have to take a detour on your way to the city centre because he saw a beautiful alley he hasn’t taken pictures of yet.

8. Be prepared to learn a lot about photography

He will teach you his passion because you are the girl he loves, and he wishes for you to admire the beauty that he sees in trivial things. Vertical and horizontal symmetry, depth and perspective do not have the same meaning for you anymore. Don’t be surprised if you have long talks about why the sunbed, the grass and the swimming pool are symmetrical, I assure you that you will learn a lot!

9. Lastly, he will love you for trying to learn and adjust to his lifestyle

My boyfriend laughs and kisses me lovingly whenever I call his fixed focal length camera lens (yes, I just asked him for the name of this lens!) “too zoomed in”. He will admire the fact that you wish to learn more about his passion, and don’t be afraid to embrace his hobby. You might just end up enjoying it as much too!

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