We Will Continue The Strike Until Demands Are Met – Senior Staff of Universities

We Will Continue The Strike Until Demands Are Met - Senior Staff of Universities

The Senior Staff Association of Universities of Ghana has resolved to sustain its strike, which is aimed at pushing for improved service conditions until the government meets its demands.

The decision was made at an emergency meeting held by the Association’s National Executive Committee.

The Association appeared to be considering calling off the strike, following a series of meetings between its leadership and the government.

However, in its latest statement, the Association said it will continue its strike due to the government’s failure to address the concerns of its members.


“The empty platitudes and false promises made by the government in the past, in matters concerning the resolution of our demands, have reached intolerable limits, thereby making it highly impossible for the strike to be called off.”

“The strike is hereby sustained until promises and commitments made by the government in the resolution of our demands, pave the way for action to be expedited,” the statement said.

The Association also made some demands, including the announcement of special financial packages to senior staff of public universities and the payment of interests on their tier 2 pension contributions.

“Government must announce a financial package to the Senior Staff Cadre of public universities, pending the outcome of deliberations on the non-basic allowance to alleviate the unacceptable deteriorating working conditions we find ourselves in.”

The Association declared an indefinite strike over the failure of the government to pay their Tier 2 pension.

Among other things, they are asking for the payment of market premiums and non-basic allowances as well as the finalization of negotiations for their conditions of service.

Click here to read the Association’s statement

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