[Video] Motorists Exchange ‘Blows’ At Fuel Station


While Ghanaians are lamenting on fuel price hike, elsewhere in the United States of America they are rather facing fuel shortages which lead to frustrations at fuel stations.

Two motorists entered into a brawl on Tuesday at an overcrowded fuel station, as Americans across the Southeast have experienced fuel shortages and outages amid the Colonial Pipeline shutdown.

Video footage shows a long line of cars waiting at a gas station in Knightdale, North Carolina, to refuel.

One woman driving a Honda Accord then attempted to cut the line but was denied entrance by another vehicle.


Out of frustration, the woman got out of her vehicle and spit on the male driver who refused to let her cut. This prompted the man to also get out of his vehicle and spit on the woman. The pair then entered into a brawl, which resulted in the man getting his shirt torn.

The Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline has been shut down for the sixth day following a ransomware attack that was reported on Friday. The pipeline runs about 5,500 miles from Texas to New Jersey, transporting more than 100 million gallons of fuel per day.

Watch video below:

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