UCC students under attack, armed men raid lecture rooms, students flee for their lives


The robbery situations in UCC has escalated into something else as the weak security system in the university has enabled robbers to shift from robbing students off-campus to attacking students on the main campus, raiding lecture rooms and seizing students items.

Between 11 pm to the early hours of this midnight, some group of unidentified armed men were seen attacking some lecture rooms within the university as students were studying for their exams in those lecture rooms. According to an eye witness, the robbers attacked Large Lecture theatre(LLT), one of the main lecture theatres on campus. Some eyewitnesses also confirmed that the armed men were seen at C.A. Ackah Lecture Theater(CALC), where students run helter-skelter for their lives.

It has also been rumoured and unconfirmed that some students have been left injured from stabbing and rushed to the university hospital.


Since August, these robbery attacks have been occurring in the diaspora communities within the university. We have heard issues of Robbery, stabbing, and slaughtering of students, where a student who was slaughtered at Florence Hostel, in Amamoma, is currently fighting for his life. Just recently, there was a news of the rape of a female student, where a male student who tried to help her was stabbed and injured.

It appears that the security strength on the university campus and its surrounding communities have made it comfortable for armed robbers to rob and do whatever they want anytime they feel, with ease, without fear.

After information about the attack went out, all students who were on campus studying for their exams fled, leaving all lecture rooms empty.

Lecture rooms empty as students can no longer study

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