Twerking is not a sin in the spirit realm – Mavluz, musician-turned-spiritual-consultant

Twerking is not a sin in the spirit realm – Mavluz, musician-turned-spiritual-consultant

Popular Ghanaian dancehall artist Henry Agyei Gyamerah, known in showbiz circles as Od4, says he’s now a diviner. He says people consult him for spiritual guidance, consultations and directions.

Od4 told the host of Yenko Fie, Nana Adwoa Arthur, on Connect 97.1fm that he has had the gift since he was born. He also revealed that the spiritual calling conflicted with his music career.

“I’ve had the spiritual calling before I released my first single. I thought I could ignore it, but the spirit kept pushing me. So I finally had to accept my gift and use it to assist people who need spiritual help.”

The “Darling” hitmaker explained he has a spiritual gift that gives him the power to consult divine powers or a higher source. He stated that he uses his gift to solve problems for individuals who consult him. Additionally, he sells spiritual items like candles, incense, oil, books, pendants and spiritual necklaces.


“Let me tell you this, in physical life, if someone has a court case, the person will have to get a lawyer to defend them. That’s exactly what I do in the spiritual world,” he explained his role.

Asked if “his spirituality” will affect his music career, he responded, “The only difference in my music is the maturity. I now make music that impacts lives. Twerking when you’re dancing is not offensive in the eyes of God, so we will still twerk if we have to.”

The rebranded musician, now known as Mavluz, said he needed a name to sell himself locally and internationally. He urged people to live positively and not let their way of life affect others negatively.
He’s set to release a new single in December.


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