Twene Jonas Has Every Right To Call Out A Chief – Sam George


Sam George has expressed shock over people cursing Twene Jonas over his comment on chiefs and politicians who are engaged in galamsey.

Twene Jonas and Sam George

Speaking on 3 FM, the Ning Prampram MP said “Ghanaians know the truth but we hate to be told the truth and we like to be lied to and so when you see someone who is blunt with the truth and do tell how it is and says it to you how it ought to be said, we end up taking issues with them“.

He continued that “honestly speaking, the thing Twene Jonas has been saying which part of it do we not agree with? What part of the facts that the system is broken in Ghana that he points out can we disagree with?


According to the Ghanaian legislator, “we cannot expect him to say it any better when politicians and chiefs are the ones involved in the illegal activities of galamsey” and quizzed that “when politicians are the ones behind those who do galamsey how then do you expect him to be nice to us politicians because we are the problem? 

He emphasized that “when chiefs are the ones supporting galamsey and are destroying our water bodies and I am not saying he should go and insult, but he has every right to call out a chief.”

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