‘There are records to prove missing pregnant woman frequented Takoradi Hospital’ – Hosp. Administrator

missing pregnant woman
Photo of the lady who went missing for 5-days.

The Administrator of the Takoradi Hospital, Rev. Osei Boateng has confirmed that the pregnant woman who went missing for about five days frequented the health facility before she went missing.

According to the hospital administrator, their records show that Josephine Panyin Mensah was a regular patient to the hospital until she went missing.

“There are records to prove that she has been regular at this hospital,” Rev. Boateng told Empire Radio in an interview.

He however opined that the medical records of the patient cannot be given out unless a court instructs.


The latest development on Panyin Mensah comes on the back of claims by the Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah, that the pregnancy claim and kidnapping were false.

The minister in an interview stated that the preliminary investigation by the National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) has revealed that the kidnapping of the pregnant woman in Takoradi is fake.

“From their preliminary investigations, NIB suspects that this whole story was fake and that the medical doctor who has even looked at her revealed she wasn’t pregnant. That is the immediate information that we have. The police are still with her,” he said.

The claim by the regional minister has put a different twist to the whole kidnap and pregnancy saga.

But for now the Takoradi Hospital, also known as the European Hospital has confirmed that the victim was a regular patient of the hospital until she went missing but will only release the full details of her medical record on a court’s demand/request.

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