‘The war against E-Levy’ has just started; it’s a ‘battle of our lives’ – Ablakwa vows

‘The war against E-Levy’ has just started; it’s a ‘battle of our lives’ – Ablakwa vows
Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa

The Member of Parliament for North Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, has said that all the drama and acrimony that were recorded in the legislative house over the past months in a bid to resist the passage of the controversial e-levy were just a warmup and that the real battle has just begun.

The ranking member of the legislature’s Foreign Affairs Committee made this known on his Facebook page on Thursday, March 31.

According to him, despite the passage of the e-levy by a one-sided majority caucus on Tuesday, the minority caucus will do everything within their power to block it and save suffering Ghanaians from the aggravated hardship it is likely to impose on them.

“To us, the war against the E-Levy isn’t over and we are not about to give up. Indeed, we are only warming up. This is the battle of our lives,” Ablakwa vowed on Facebook.


“Let’s not forget that but for the resistance of NDC MPs since November last year, Ghanaians would have been paying the E-Levy as far back as January 2022.


“One day, we shall tell the full story about the machinations we have endured and overcome in this epic war to defeat E-Levy.

“We have not come this far to be induced or play mind games with the people who sent us to Parliament or the larger Ghanaian populace who are depending on us for collective salvation from a government that has gained notoriety for imposing excruciating economic hardships.”

Ablakwa pleaded with Ghanaians not to conclude that all politicians are evil because, just like every other group of people, there are miscreants, but there are equally good-hearted people among them.

“It is obvious trust in Ghanaian politicians is at an all-time low mainly due to gross deception and failed promises but that should not make us paint all politicians with the same brush. At least, it’s important to bear in mind that it is not NDC politicians who conceived of the E-Levy, neither are we the ones forcing it down the throats of the suffering masses despite overwhelming public agitation.”

He reiterated the opposition National Democratic Congress’ promise to cancel the e-levy if it regains power in the 2025 election.

“The NDC has also made clear that in the unlikely event of an eventual passage of the E-Levy, we shall abolish the regressive and obnoxious tax immediately we assume power in 2025.”

Parliament passed the e-levy on Tuesday, March 29 despite a walk-out by the opposition NDC caucus members.

The minority has subsequently filed a stay of execution suit at the Supreme Court to stop the president from signing the bill into law.

According to them, the 137 governing New Patriotic Party members who were present and passed the e-levy did not meet the requirement for a quorum as per the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on such matters.

They are, therefore, seeking the apex court to declare the passage of the e-levy null and void.

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