The Matrix: Largest Health and Fitness Club opens at Legon City Mall


Legon City Mall is a new ultra modern shopping center located opposite the University of Ghana, Legon Campus, in Accra Ghana. The Mall is home to a wide range of products and services such as Clothing, Books and Stationary, Electronics, Groceries, Restaurants, Kids Playground, Pharmacy and Ghana’s largest Health and Fitness Club called “The Matrix”.

Fitness exercises also help to reduce stress among many other benefits, but gym goers in Accra experience unpleasant sessions at various gyms that are usually noisy and overcrowded, to the extent some are put on the wait list due to limited number of equipments and gym instructors.

The Matrix Health and Fitness Club is a new state of the art gym with fully equipped and welcoming facilities that are designed to make sure no one is on wait list and everyone gets to enjoy a stress free workout experience.

From free weights and cardio to stretching, personal to group exercise programs, here’s what to expect:


Area One: Functional Fitness

This area is fully equipped with battle ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells, power plates and kinesis stations, it’s one unique area that allows gym members to get themselves busy and stronger. Functional fitness is the body’s natural way of moving which involves pushing, pulling, lifting, squatting and climbing. The sole purpose is to make your body stronger, flexier, more stable and agile. Personal trainers are available to show you how to use functional equipments.

Area Two:. Cardiovascular

This is the easiest place to begin with if you’re just getting started with physical exercise. You’re probably most familiar with fitness equipments such as treadmills and ellipticals. Very easy and reliable gym staples that you simply turn on, pick your setting and start running.

Area Three: Free Weights

Dumbbells, barbells, benches, power racks and press stations are the basic workout tools available in this area. In order for you to achieve your personal goals, the Matrix makes sure you have the right amount of sets and reps needed. To ensure safety during exercise, an assistant is always available to support you lift weights safely to prevent injuries in this area, and also to motivate you to lift to your maximum potential.

Area Four: Rooftop and Open Air Section

GoOutdoor is a unique area where you can exercise in open air but in a private environment, ideal for personal and group sports programs.

Area Five: Stretching and Mobility

For those who want to work on their core and flexibility using mats for stretching and yoga programs, this is the right area for you. It is also the preferred area for most gym members at the start and end of their workout.

The Matrix Health and Fitness Club has professional and well experienced gym instructors and personal trainers available to help you familiarise yourself with each and every area for you to feel at home.

Personalised exercise plans are also available to make sure you have fun before, during and after each workout session, for you to achieve your unique goals.

Locate The Matrix Health and Fitness Club on the 4th floor of the Legon City Mall, situated opposite the University of Ghana, Legon Campus, Accra Ghana.

Join the Gym to keep fit and stay healthy.

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