The best way to tell your partner if they smell bad


In relationships, how to inform one’s partner about the need to do something to address bad body odour is mostly difficult.

Usually, the difficulty lies with thoughts of how the person will react to the information.

However, Life Coach, Alice Frimpong Sarkodie, and Rev. Daniel Annan have shared their opinions on how to easily address such matters. The two spoke to Host Asieduwaa on Prime Morning on Thursday.

Alice, the Executive Secretary for the Women’s League Platform, believes it is a lot easier if the partners have confidence in each other.


She explained, “if your partner has confidence in you, and trusts that you’ll take actions that are in their best interest, then when you want to communicate bad odour, then they wouldn’t have any problem knowing that you’ll take actions that are in their best interest.”

Madam Sarkodie further noted that, after detection of the problem, it shouldn’t take so long to confront your partner about it.

Rev. Annan, Counsellor of Let’s Talk fame, also established the importance of communication in every relationship. “…appreciation is key. When you appreciate someone, you accept who he is so that your approach is not always at variance,”, he elaborated.

Reverend Annan cited appreciation, respect, and trust, as some necessary components in every relationship.

“Whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re communicating, treat the person with respect. Because if, for instance, you don’t treat the man with respect, whatever you are saying goes over the bar,” Rev. Annan added.

“…trust is very key. So when people look at you, before they listen to you, they must know that this person is trustworthy,” he indicated.

The counsellor said that if one is not ready to help solve the problem, they shouldn’t mention it in the first place.

He advised victims to always be ready to accept help when it is offered.

He said, “Seek help, and when you do that, you’ll come out of the mess and come out as a better person.”

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