Taskforce to take on churches for the use of music for services

GHAMRO taskforce

Abraham Adjetey, the Administrator for the Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO) has hinted that the organization is setting up a taskforce to take on churches for the use of music for services

Most of the time task forces from GHAMRO are seen at event grounds ensuring event organizers pay for intellectual property works they use for their event.

But same cannot be said about religious organizations like churches.

Responding to this issue during entertainment talk show Anigye Mmre hosted by Christian Agyei Frimpong, Mr Adjetey, popularly known as Agya Abraham, said measures are being put in place for churches to pay for any musical work used during service.


“We started three years ago. I remember I was in a church service, then the task force from GHAMRO entered. They started engaging the church on the need to pay for the musical works they use and then all the members started speaking in tongues and even said one of the taskforce members was a demon,” he said.

Abraham Adjetey noted that they have started engaging the churches again over the issue.

So, soon churches will start paying for using musical works of musicians, he assured.

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