Tarkwa Gyaasehene disappears 3 days after receiving death threats

Suspected robber shot by Police on Fiesta Royal-GIMPA junction

The Akeamehene of the Apinto Divisional Council in Tarkwa, Nana Kwabena Obo II, has confirmed the mysterious disappearance of Gyaasehene Dr Nana Adarkwa Bediako III on Tuesday.

He told Joy News the driver of the Gyaasehene, Paapa Kwesi, told him on Wednesday around 7 pm, he received a call from someone who said he saw the car of the chief parked in front of Abii National financial services, but he was nowhere to be found.

“He saw the car of Gyaasehene parked in front of Abii national with his two phones in it, his car key in the ignition but nowhere to be found,” he told Joy News.

Nana Kwabena Obo II added that he quickly went to the residence of the Gyaasehene to confirm, but he was indeed not at home.


He said he went to the Tarkwa police to inform them, after which they went to where the chief’s car was sighted. He said he followed up with a formal statement at the police station.

Nana Kwabena Obo II added that he had a call from one Kakra on Sunday, a nephew of the chief threatening to eliminate within five days.

“He said he is giving me five days to eliminate the Gyaasehene because he is a threat to his work. He assured me that he will eliminate him, and if that happens, he is responsible,” the Akeamehene said.

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