Stop Fasting Or Face Disciplinary Committee – WGSHS Headmistress To Muslim Students


Few days ago, an angry father stormed the Wesley Girls Senior High School to demand for removal of his daughter from the school due to her inability to fast during Ramadam per the school’s rules.

The same Wesley Girls Senior High School is back in the news with an extention of the same rule targeting Muslim students in the school.

The Headmistress of the school has ordered all Housemistresses led by the Senior Housemistress to ensure no Muslim student is permitted to fast in the school. Any Muslim student fasting in the school will face the Disciplinary Committee of the school and actions such as suspension or even withdrawal may take place.

According to the Headmistress, “.. This decision being taken is in the best interest of the students of the school”


This comes after My News Gh earlier reported on a Quran ban in the public cycle school. The authorities also banned all Muslim students from worshipping and wearing Hijab on campus even for prayer.

Muslim students disclosed how they hide to pray and read Quran after the ban and have to stand on trunks and ‘chopboxes’ to hide and pray.

In an interview with some parents, they disclosed how students who were admitted to the school were returned home over wearing of Hijab.

This new Ramadan ban is an additional step by the school to target Muslim students in the school.

One parent revealed that although they don’t have an issue with the school authorities asking their children to attend church services on campus, the Muslim child’s right to worship must also be recognized.

The school has on several occasions expressed disdain against the Islamic religion telling Muslim students to convert to Christianity in order to enjoy some privileges while on campus, according to reports.

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