Spyro’s trending ‘Who Is Your Guy?’ song tops charts in Ghana


Social media for the past three weeks has been taken by storm with a trending song that is being used by social media influencers, bloggers, and users across the continent titled ‘Who is your guy?’ composed by Nigerian singer Spyro.

The song quickly became the most-used on video sharing platform TikTok with over 600,000 remakes and rose to top the list of most shazamed songs and Apple’s Top 10 music chart in five African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Gamboa. etc.


Who is your guy is currently the most shazamed song in Ghana and is no.3 on Apple Music Top 100 Ghana chart.


Spyro released his monster-hit song in Ghana, in December last year and just four weeks after has become the biggest song on the continent.

According to a member of SPyro’s team Tunde Chillin “Spyro is a shining example of how independent artists can still make a huge impact in the music industry. He has consistently produced hit after hit, reaching the top of the charts without the backing of a major record label or external funding. Instead, he has relied on his own hard work and determination to get his music out to the masses.”

“One of Spyro’s key strengths is his DIY approach to marketing. He understands the importance of being in control of his own image and message and has taken the initiative to create content and share it on his social media platforms. This has allowed him to connect directly with his fans, building a loyal and passionate following in the process.”

He added “in addition to his own efforts, Spyro has also seized every opportunity to collaborate with influencers, creating unique and engaging content that not only showcases his music but also his personality and lifestyle. This has helped him to reach new audiences and build his brand, putting him firmly in the spotlight and at the forefront of people’s minds.”

“Another aspect of Spyro’s success is his availability to attend events and engage with his fans. He recognizes the importance of being present and accessible to his audience, and makes himself available to perform at various venues and meet his supporters.
Overall, Spyro’s success is a testament to his hard work, determination, and unwavering commitment to his craft. By taking control of his own career and marketing efforts, he has proven that with the right approach and mindset, independent artists can achieve great things.”

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