Sonnie Badu sells ‘Lions over Frogs’ T-shirt for 100 dollars

Gospel musician, Sonnie Badu

Renowned gospel musician, Sonnie Badu, has launched T-Shirts with the inscription “Lions over Frogs” for 100 USD on his website.

Sonnie premiered the sales on his official Facebook page. He mentioned that proceeds from the sale would go into a fund to help his friend, Kwame Attah Tenadu, seek treatment for multiple sclerosis.

The shirt comes in white with the inscription, Lions over Frogs written on it boldly in black. A lion figure-head painted in red has replaced the letter O in the word Lion and a large red slash cancelling out the word over. There is a frog image seemingly hanging on desperately to the letter O in the frog.

Lions over frogs became popular when the Minister hit back at critics over his fake degrees saga. He said that when people did not understand the frequency of grace, they try to bring others down. “…Lions do not respond to Frogs”, he stated.


Sonnie Badu revealed that the shirts are limited edition with only 100 pieces available. So rush whilst stock lasts least you become a frog!

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