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Home Education See how shockingly Ghanaian female students perform abortions using hangers.

See how shockingly Ghanaian female students perform abortions using hangers.

See how shockingly Ghanaian female students perform abortions using hangers.
Clothes hangers have now become tools for abortion by some young girls.

Per reports, the hangers are used in some senior high schools, particularly by the ladies for flogging their junior colleagues and also for abortion.

A post on social media detailing how such a dangerous act is carried out says the ladies will put the hanger in a fire to become very hot and then insert it into their vagina.

It is perceived that the hot metal will kill the developing foetus and subsequently come out in the form of blood.

The dangerous thing is that this method of abortion mostly has serious side effects. Sometimes the metal damages their womb, cause severe infections and others also die due to excessive bleeding.


Read the full narration below;
This hanger is used for flögging and abortion. In boarding schools, it’s called “GO TO HELL”

This hanger is used to brutalize junior students whether they do good or bâd. The pain alone is out of this world.

When they want to use it for ABORTION, they use a lighter or go to the kitchen to sterilize it with fire.

This hanger will be twisted in such a way that it’s straightened and the hook is on the tip then they pass it through fire making sure it’s hot and red.

They insert in the vâginâ and twist, sometimes they twist and pull out the fôetus and k!ll it. when the hanger is removed, they will sit on a bucket till the flow subsides. Junior students will be asked to clean up the mess.

If the bleeding is too much, all the junior students will be forced to give out their pads.

This happens mostly in boarding schools, even in our university days. I used to hear about it. I never lived in the hostel, those in the hostel whom they saw as most righteous beings were busy using hangers to kill their babies.

Some of them die due to excessive bleeding. While some dâmâge their womb which will cause their womb to be removed.

Later, they will tell us to forget the past.
I’m sorry, I won’t let any bloød relative of mine end up with someone like you.

Parents, please always be on the lookout for your teenage girls. Boarding school has ruined most of them.


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