Sad: Armed Robbers Beat Man While Stealing In His Shop [Video]


Some unidentified young men were captured in a CCTV footage raiding and assaulting a wine shop owner in the process of stealing shop items.

The armed robbers, numbering five, were captured holding a man believed to be the shop owner hostage, while they go on their stealing spree.

Four young men were emptying shelves into their backpack, while one assaulted the owner sitting in the centre of the shop.

The visibly shaken man was assaulted in the head with an empty wine bottle after the armed robbers drank its content.


In the video which has since gone viral, the man was robbed not only of his wine but cash and other personal property including his wrist watch and phone.

Another person, believed to be a customer, was not spared the ordeal.

Watch video below:

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