‘Remain in Ghana’ – Dental and Medical Council urges doctors


The Dental and Medical Council has called on Health professionals not to seek greener pastures abroad as the country is losing health professionals.

This call was made at the induction of newly qualified Medical and Dental practitioners.

Speaking as the chairperson of the induction ceremony, Member of the Dental and Medical Council, Dr. Constance Addo-Yobo, who acknowledged this phenomenon, pleaded with the newly inducted health professionals not to seek greener pastures abroad to the detriment of the health sector in the country.

Dr. Addo-Yobo also urged doctors to make sacrifices within the country too.


“Please accept postings to the regions and the districts outside Accra and Kumasi. You will learn a lot there,” she said.

“Also, do not be tempted to look for greener pastures in places like the UK and other countries, like some of your colleagues are already doing.”

“Let us halt this brain drain. It has taken the taxpayer a lot to invest in your education,” Dr. Addo-Yobo implored.

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