Raychel’s ‘million dollars’ dresses worn for her traditional wedding

Raychel's 'million dollars' dresses

Let’s face it, our Anshatis are hosting most of the biggest weddings in the country and Kojo Jones and his wife own isn’t an exception.

The name of the business mogul’s wife surfaced on social media as Raychel ahead of her traditional ceremony.

Raychel is the luckiest woman to join the Jones-Mensah family after tying the knot to the young entrepreneur in a glamourous star-studded event.

The ceremony witnessed royalty and display of rich Akan tradition as colourful Kente fabrics flooded the event.


When the bride stepped out to meet her groom, everyone who witnessed the event was awe-struck with her outfits.

Her first dress was a beautiful green and mauve kente ensemble with outstanding beading all over. The dress was contoured to match her beautiful figure which obviously got the attention of many.

She further changed into a floor-sweeping multi-coloured dress that had turquoise green as the dominant colour.

As if that was not enough, Rachael changed into a blue and gold combo apparel. And a whole blue kente combo dress.

We can’t stop staring at her gorgeous hair and flawless makeup making her the most woman at the event.

If you’ve ever walked down the aisle in a dress that made your nuptials unforgettable, you’ll know how fulfilling, exciting, elegant, glamorous and dreamy Raychel was on her wedding day.

Check photos and videos below:

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