Princess Shyngle drops Moesha’s voice recording [Video]

Moesha Princess Shyngle and Pastor Gabriel

Despite a statement released by the church that they have not taken anything from Moesha, Princess Shyngle has released audio that suggests otherwise. This recording implicates one of the parties involved in the Moesha quandary.

Princess Shyngle came started an IG live to speak on behalf of her fiend Moesha. According to Princess Shyngle, she does not know what they (the church) did to Moesha because Moesha told her that she is giving her things to the Revelation Church.
Princess Shyngle said, “What did they do to her? Did they hypnotize her? I don’t believe in those things, but at this point, for her to acting that way. And take her stuff and give it away. The last time I spoke to my friend … we talked over three hours, and she told me herself that she is giving out her things to the church.”

She then proceeded to play the audio on live cam. But the church has categorically stated in an official statement that they have not received any donation from the actress.
“We would like to categorically state that at no time has Moesha or any member of her family given any properties, cars, or sale proceeds to either the Lead Pastor or the church. This is verifiable, and any other claim is a blatant lie from the pit of hell.”

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