Photos of human-feet shoes sparks debate online


Thinking outside the box, was the exact advice a shoe inventor took, but his work has sparked a huge debate online.

The rare human-feet shoe invention made its way to social media after it was modeled by a Nigerian

The shoe, upon first sight, could be mistaken for human feet, except for the coloured lace stitched in front.

Photo of the human-feet shoes
human-feet shoes

The model rocked hers with socks, depicting how suitable it is for students and youngsters.


human-feet shoes in different colours
human-feet shoes in different colours

Like normal footwear, it also came in different sizes, colours and shoe packaging.

Many tweeps frowned at the footwear, describing it as awkward and weird with some saying it looked scary.

There were those who also said it was made as comfort for those with ugly feet.

 human feet shoes
human-feet shoes
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