Our Gari now made by Chinese machine [Video]


A small-scale gari production machine is manufactured by a Chinese company to reduce the tedious labour involved in the traditional making of the dry edible granules.

In a video sighted by Myjoyonline.com, the technological invention will substitute all the manual processes involved in making gari, thereby, increase productivity.

The 3 minutes video highlights each production line and its specially designated machine.


Just as the traditional method requires the cassava to be peeled and grated, before the gari making itself, the unknown Chinese company has invented a cassava peeler and grater.

From there, the starch obtained then goes through a mash fermentation and dewatering with the assistance of a hydraulic press. Then, a specially designed gari fryer and vibration sieve is used to achieve the final product.

Gari over the years is considered as one of West Africa’s popular foods, however, due to its lengthy manual production method, it is tagged as tedious.

In Ghana, producers of the dry edible granules, mostly women have on various occasions appealed to government to construct a factory to help expand the gari business and make it appealing to the youth.

As such, the invention of this small-scale gari production machine, sends a glimmer of hope to gari producers who thought their plight could never be resolved.

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