‘Matrix Gym Family Walk with Dad’ held

Matrix Gym Family Walk with Dad’
Aerobics at the Rooftop and Open Air Section of the Matrix Gym, PHOTO BY : Divine Agyei Yeboah

In commemoration with Father’s Day, the management of Legon City Mall Saturday June 18 organised  a 5.4 kilometre walk  dubbed “Matrix Gym Family Walk with Dad,” to honour of Fathers.

It was also to showcase the ultra modern Matrix Gym , touted as the largest Gym in Africa, to raise public awareness on the significance of  exercising to keep healthy.


The enthusiastic keep-fitters comprising parents, children, young and the  elderly , undertook the one- hour walk amidst drumming and vuvuzela sound , from the Legon City Mall through the University of Ghana village to Okponglo Traffic light, Okponglo Junction and back to the Mall.


By 6:45 a.m., the keep-fitters in their  hundreds from from far and near assembled  at the forecourt of the Mall for brief aerobics under the guidance of the Gym instructors, before they  hit the street for the  walk that lasted an hour.

Back to the Mall, they were taking through further aerobic exercise before they continued in with  body building  exercise with the state -of -the -art machines installed in the Gym.

Matrix Gym Family Walk with Dad’
Aerobics at the Rooftop and Open Air Section of the Matrix Gym, PHOTO BY : Divine Agyei Yeboah

The ultra modern Matrix Gym has the strength area fitted with muscle powered machine, an astro turf for football matches and the cardio area fitted with thread Mill, biking machines for exercising to keep a healthy heart.

It  also boast of  complementary leisure room for winding down after the exercise to relax the body, as well as a food supplement shop.

The Ghana Health Service undertook a free medical screening including sugar level, malaria test, hypertension, ear nose throat and eye test.

Sabestian Avadu, one of the Gym instructors said the gym afford Ghanaina a conducive environment to exercise and keep healthy, adding “We are here to accommodate individuals and corporate bodies the best of Gym exercise to keep healthy.”

” Per square mile , we have the largest and most equipped  Gym with all the ultra modern facility to keep your body healthy,” he added.

Explaining further on the need to exercise, Mr Avadu said “our body is the longest place anybody can stay in their whole life, we should see the body as a matter of priority and keep it healthy. ”

Imam Sa-id Mukthar Abubakar who took part in the exercise with his football club and school pupils said it was useful exercise and expressed the need for more such walk with Dad “for parents to have a day out with their children.”

Giving his impression about the Gym, Imam Abubakar said “I have never seen such an ultra modern Gym, with an astro turf on top of a Mall, and a segment for women.”

He was full of praise for Alhaji Gibrine Adam for his vision and foresight to invest in the ultra modern Gym to promote healthy living.

“Our brother Alhaji Gibrine Adams, the CEO of Legon City Mall, has set a pace, as a muslim we don’t only build Mosques but a Gym for recreation to keep a healthy body,” he added.

Azara Abubakari who also joined in the activities said the exercising had been “energising and exciting to me, I meet people I have never known to network and socialise, very refreshing for me.”

“The Gym is very very amazing, especially the state-of- the – art exercising machines,” she added.

Nathaniel  Pomeyie, a banker with the First Atlantic Banak, said it was necessary to engage in such keep fit exercises after a whole week of stress to keep the body in shape.

“The Gym is super, this is a world class Gym by all standard.It is a one-stop shop, you don’t need to go anywhere. You have everything in the Gym to exercise with,” he added.

Another keep fitter who chose to remain anonymous with excited with the state-of-the-art Gym stressing the need for one to come out to exercise and burn some calories to keep a healthy body.

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