Kumasi City Mall: Crowded Basement Night Club stormed by Police and Military [Video]


The much anticipated party themed “Cast E Choke” was planned and attended by hundreds of party lovers across the country last night.

There was a lot of buzz, singing and dancing as well as glamor as people drank and did all sort of things.

The beautiful girls and rich guys were all well represented at the lively party. In short, the crowd was massive.


Things were going well until the party was stormed by a joint task force of uniformed police and soldiers. The task force was there to disrupt the party.

The presence of the military men sent shivers down the spine of party goers as they run helter-skelter to avoid being arrested.

It is not clear why the placed was stormed by the military and police but it will certainly have to do with the poor regards for the observance of COVID-19 protocols as directed by the President.

Watch the video below:

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