Jonathan the “Licensed Sex Predator” not a member of our church – Royalhouse Chapel Int.

Allied Health Professions Council distances itself from Sex predator

In a press release sighted by News On Ghana, the Royalhouse Chapel International has distanced itself from one Jonathan Ohene Nkunim tagged as a ‘Licensed Sex Predator’ in the media for using his health facility as bait to sexually assault scores of women who went there seeking treatment.

According to the leadership of the church, Mr Ohene Nkunim “is neither an officer nor a member of the church and has never been.”

This new development stems from a video documentary produced by investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni circulating on social media titled “The Licensed Sex Predator” and published by The Fourth Estate.

In the documentary, Mr Ohene Nkunim was shown worshipping at one of the local Assemblies of the Royalhouse Chapel.


According to leadership of the church in a press release, although Mr Nkunim, who has been arrested by the police was seen worshipping with the church, it wasn’t in his mandate as a member.

The church explained that he was part of the ministration team of a guest pastor who had been invited to minister at the local church, the reason he was featured.

“After his opening worship for the guest pastor, he immediately left the service without any interaction with the host pastor or the leadership of our local church. As such, he is not known to Royalhouse Chapel in any capacity, either as an officer or a member as the video may have suggested.

“As a compassionate Bible-believing church, Royalhouse Chapel, therefore, disassociates itself from the supposed minister of the gospel and his actions,” the press statement signed by Director of Administration, Rev. Dzifa Gakpleazi added.

Sex Predator: Jonathan Ohene Nkunim is neither an officer nor a member of our church – Leadership of Royalhouse Chapel Int.
Meanwhile, the leadership of Royalhouse Chapel International has condemned the actions of Mr Nkunim stating that it would pray for the mercy and repentance for his soul.

“We also pray for the emotional, spiritual and psychological healing of all victims affected by the actions of the aforementioned “Dr” Jonathan Ohene Nkunim, even as we trust the law to take its course for justice,” it concluded.

Earlier, the Ghana Physiotherapy Association revealed that Mr Ohene Nkunim who rendered “supposed physiotherapy service” at Nature’s Hand Therapeutic Centre at Gbawe is not a Physiotherapist.

The Association noted that the accused does not hold a license to practice Physiotherapy and further rejected claims of him being a member of the Ghana Physiotherapy Association.

“The Ghana Physiotherapy Association (GPA) wishes to state clearly that the said man in question, Jonathan Ohene Nkunim, is not a Physiotherapist, neither is he a registered member of the Ghana Physiotherapy Association.

“Our checks with the regulatory body, Allied Health Professions Council, revealed that Jonathan Ohene Nkunim is not licensed to practise Physiotherapy.”

Full statement below:

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