Israeli Government Assures Safety of Foreign Nationals, Including Ghanaians, Amidst Tensions


The Israeli government is assuring that it will ensure the protection of all foreign nationals, including Ghanaians who are domiciled in the Middle East country.

Concerns are arising for the government of Ghana to consider an immediate repatriation of Ghanaian citizens now caught up in the tension between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

Already, the death toll has surpassed a thousand, raising fears about further civilian casualties.

Aviel Avraham, Deputy Israeli Ambassador to Ghana told JoyNews’ Blessed Sogah that “Israel is ready to guard the safety of all the people living in Israel including Ghanaians and all the others people that live and work in Israel”.


Speaking on The Pulse on Monday, he added that the situation is a very sad one and “we are doing everything to bring this situation back to normal while all the authorities are sharing information and helping each other in order to promote all information necessary to all the people living in Israel including foreigners who living in Israel.”

Ghana’s foreign ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration in a statement to the press noted that it was deeply saddened and shocked by ongoing events in Israel where Hamas militants from the Gaza Strip infiltrated into southern Israel to attack innocent Israeli civilians amid a barrage of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.

“Ghana unequivocally condemns the attacks and calls on the Hamas leadership to immediately cease the attacks and withdraw its militants from southern Israel,” the statement said.

While Ghana affirms its support for Israel’s right to exist and defend itself, it called on the Israeli government to exercise restraint in its response to Hamas’ attacks.

The Statement concludes by calling on the two sides of the Israel-Palestinian conflict to “return to the negotiation table”.

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