Increase Of Muslim Female And Child Beggars On The Streets Alarming – Muslim Group


An association made up of Muslims and Zongo journalists calling itself the Muslim Group Ghana has expressed its concern over the increasing number of female and Child Beggars that have invaded the national capital.

The group described the activities of these beggars as obnoxious, especially those who pretend to be crippled and sit in wheelchairs.

The group stated that most of these persons are not crippled and the children they use to beg on the streets of Accra are also not their biological children.

The group revealed that most of the children who are used to beg are hired.


They further revealed that these children have been transported from neighboring countries to Ghana illegally by some unscrupulous individuals for the begging business.

According to the group, Ghana may soon become the hub for beggars if nothing is done about their shameful activities.

It added that the way and manner the female and child beggars go about their daily activities with impunity on the streets of Accra is getting out of hand and called on all well meaning Muslims to condemn it and support the government in the fight against the act to save all Muslims from this embarrassment.

According to the group, government cannot take any serious measure in tackling the problem due to its reputation in the comity of nations as a very hospitable country, adding that the time has come for every Zongo youth, Philanthropists, Clerics and Chiefs to come out and proffer solutions as to how to curb the menace.

The group threatened to deal with any political party or politician who may try to go against their efforts in the fight against female and Child begging for their selfish interest or cheap political goals.

The National Coordinator of the group, Alhaji Abubakar Galaxy said most of those female and Child beggars are not Ghanaians rather they are from Nigeria, Niger and other neighboring countries who came to Ghana illegally through some unscrupulous travel agents.
These agents the group stated then use the national capital as the starting point for the children.

He stated that the act has become very embarrassing to all Muslims in Ghana as it is tarnishing the hard won reputation of Muslims in the country.

He added that there is no war nor hunger in Nigeria and Niger hence the act should not be entertained nor tolerated in Ghana.

He called on the Greater Accra Regional Minister, the Accra Metropolitan Chief Executive and Municipal Assemblies to engage the association and other stakeholders such as Chiefs and Imams from the various Zongo communities to deliberate on how to repatriate these beggars to their countries.

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