I’m A Proud Slay Queen – Moesha Boduong Boldly Declares

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Ghanaian actress and social media influencer, Moesha Buodong

Popular Ghanaian actress and Instagram model, Moesha Boduong has confidently stated that she is proud to be a slay queen amid misconceptions about the term slapped on women who parade themselves as one.

The perception many hold when the term slay queen is mentioned is usually a woman probably unemployed who sleeps with men in exchange for money and gifts.

Setting the records straight once and for all, Moesha Boduong declared herself a slay queen as she schooled followers who a slay queen is and according to her a slay queen is someone who confidently loves to appear dashing in outfit with a great sense of fashion.

The heavily endowed socialite bemoaned how in this part of the world, slay queens are seen as people who sleep around t for a living.


Sharing a video of a report that addressed slay queens on TV3, on her Instagram page, she wrote;

“Guys what’s your thought on this topic ? I’m a proud slay queen ..always loved fashion and looking good . When did it become such a negative word ?why do we slut shame people these, slaying has always been about looking great being confident showing up and always killing it with .it’s only this part of the world .the word “slay queen is interpreted !!I know girls who don’t slay and are sleeping around .look good always ,as long as you know yourself”.

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