I have not been officially served – Ibrahim Kaleem on suspension from NPP’s communications team


The Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Alhaji Ibrahim Kaleem has stated that he has not officially received the letter suspending him from the Northern Regional Communications Team.

According to him, even though he does not doubt the veracity of the suspension letter, he has not seen it or read it.

“Well I did not see anything like that but a lot of people told me they saw it from Facebook, others said they saw it on other WhatsApp platforms. I did not set my eyes on it… I have not been served officially,” he explained.


His comment follows the decision by the Northern Regional Communications Directorate of the NPP to indefinitely suspend a member of its communication team, Alhaji Ibrahim Kaleem for an alleged public declaration of support for Trades Minister, Alan Kyerematen.

In a statement to announce the suspension, the party noted that the act by Alhaji Ibrahim Kaleem to openly endorse Alan Kyerematen as a flagbearer is contrary to the constitution of the NPP hence the suspension.

According to Mr Kaleem, if the party has decided to suspend him from the Communication team, they are expected to serve him a letter personally therefore he did not find it necessary to crosscheck with his Director of Communications.

“I am one of the leading communicators in town so if they are suspending me just write a letter, give it to me and if I take that letter I would know that I have been suspended from the communications team,” he reiterated.

Mr Kaleem also maintained that the claims amounting to his suspension are false and “absolutely lies.”

He, however, admitted that he was present at an event organised on Tuesday by ‘Friends of Alan’ to espouse the achievements of Alan Kyerematen as Trades Minister but never campaigned for him as purported.

“It’s absolutely lies. It’s not true. The program was organised by ‘Friends of Alan’ and I happened to go there every Tuesday and it’s not about campaigning. It’s talking about Alan’s Ministry, what he has done, the factories and other things that he has done so it’s absolutely lies,” he said.

Mr Kaleem also accused the party leaders of flouting the same rules for which he has been sanctioned.

This notwithstanding, the Communication Director of the NPP, Mohammed Sherrif reacting to Mr Kaleem’s comment on his suspension on JoyNews’ Top Story attested that an official letter had not been sent from the party.

He explained that although the letter was drafted and signed to be dispatched to Mr Kaleem yesterday, the person tasked to it “unfortunately had difficulty getting to him and in this particular text world, as the letter got to the system, I got to realise that it got to the social media platforms before it got to Alhaji.”


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