Head Caged So Man Can Stop Smoking


A smoking addictict in Turkey, Ibrahim Yücel, locks his head in a cage in a bid to curb the habit but is allowed to remove it in order to eat.

People will go to all different lengths to cut down on things. Whether it’s locked jars to limit snacking, hypnotherapy to stop fingernail biting or deleting your fast food apps. We’ve all been there.

Some are definitely more extreme than others, take this man for example who wore a cage on his head in a bid to quit smoking:

Ibrahim Yücel from Kütahya in Turkey had been smoking for over two decades when he was locked up and prevented from physically putting a cigarette in his mouth.


According to reports, he was inspired by motorbike riders wearing helmets and used 130 feet of copper wire to make his own.

Of course, motorbike riders can remove their helmet at any time but Ibrahim went a step further and gave his family the key to the head guard.

The decision came after Ibrahim realised he’d been smoking two packets of cigarettes every single day since he was 16. But when his own dad passed away from lung cancer, Ibrahim knew it was time to stop for his own health and to watch his family grow.

The helmet was designed to be similar to a birdcage and every morning Ibrahim would head off to work… but not before leaving the key to his contraption with his wife and children.

According to the International Business Times his previous attempts to kick the habit have always failed which was why his wife was supporting him – despite being initially embarrassed by the prospect.

It’s believed that Ibrahim could eat crackers through the wiring and also sip on water but not much else, meaning that he had to be unlocked to have proper meals.

Ibrahim’s story and pictures recently resurfaced on Reddit and, understanding his predicament, someone wrote: “Extreme problems require extreme actions.”

Another added: “I have to rub my eyes and scratch the side of my nose just looking at this.”

A third commented: “This is just about what it takes. I smoked for 7 years and quitting was one of the hardest things I’d ever done in my life. Been nicotine free for just over three years now!”

Someone else who might be taking a leaf out of Ibrahim’s book wrote: “The first time I quit was easy and I lasted 8 years but f*** me I’ve tried to quit like 5 times since and I’ve failed every time.

“I get gnarly night sweats and have fantasies about caving peoples heads in over the slightest thing every time I try.”

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