Gloria Sarfo blasts man who said Yvonne Okoro should’ve married before her younger sister


Ghanaian actress, Gloria Sarfo, is certainly not pleased with a statement made by a man about her colleague Yvonne Okoro on social media.

Just when a video of Yvonne Okoro and her younger sister, Roseline, whose wedding took place on Saturday, April 10, was shared online, the man quickly jumped to the comments section to question why Miss Okoro didn’t marry first.

According to him, ‘big sisters’ are supposed to marry first.

His comments infuriated Miss Sarfo so much that she did not hesitate to put the young man in his rightful place.


The actress, who revealed that she had been a victim of such unfortunate statements, said it is 101% okay for a younger sibling to get married anytime before her elder siblings.

Check out the wedding video below:

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