Ghanaians Are Suffering And Desperate For Entertainment – KKD


The entertainment industry personality King Kwasi Kyei Darkwah blamed the shift in media dynamics on the poor state of our economy. According to him, Ghanaians are desperately seeking entertainment because they are unhappy with the conditions of living.

KKD revealed this in an interview with Johnny Hughes on 3FM Community Connect. He said that our society prioritises entertainment more than hard-core journalism. He referenced the boom in Nigeria’s comedy space as a getaway from their problems. He said, “If things are that bad, what do you do? They say I can’t kill myself.”

“The truth is right now we are in a society that is desirous of just entertainment. And that is why a certain breed of performers in the media space will get more views and more hits than one who is writing a lot of sense. We are desperately seeking entertainment, and that is what happens in any society which is undergoing things they are not comfortable with,” he continued.

The filmmaker further explained that it is an expected and natural response to any situation where you are helpless to make a change. If you are not happy about something but you cannot say it. You laugh about it. Or even better, you will find people that would make you laugh about it.


KKD said this is why comedy and satire are so helpful in our society as an escape from our harsh realities.

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