Find out the difference between Digital Marketing and Influencer Marketing


Sentini Grubberg, WHOOPRO Digital Marketer has shared the difference between Digital marketing and influencer marketing.

According to her, a lot of women in our society today tend to use these strategies a lot but do not know the difference.

She stated that, both strategies differ and play different roles but one is an aspect of the other.

She mentioned that, “Digital marketing has to do with an aspect of marketing that deals with using the internet to promote good and services. Whiles, Influencer marketing is getting an influencer to advertise and sell your products”.


In an interview with e.TV Ghana’s Eunice Tornyi on the African Women’s Voices Show she said, “Basically digital marketing has to do with content creators creating with blogs, videos, pictures and posting that on social media pages to reach an audience and also getting their audience to comment, like and share with others”.

She added that, Influencer marketing also entails brands and advertisers making use of an influencer’s power to reach their target audience to purchase their goods and services.

“There are multiple ways you can do digital marketing some of which are websites, blogs and influencer marketing is also one way to do digital marketing by doing Facebook ads,Twitter ads and Instagram ads. So with these, you pay these social media platforms to show promotive content to advertise your brand and all these are a part of digital marketing” she said.

Educating listeners she went on to say that social media marketing is an aspect of digital marketing and there are also a lot more under it, “So digital marketing is in a broader sense everything that is online and is being marketed or promoted”.

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