Famous Prophecies By T.B. Joshua


Nigerian preacher T. B. Joshua, one of Africa’s most influential evangelists, has died at the age of 57.

He was said to have died on Saturday shortly after conducting a live broadcast, but the cause of his death has not been made public.

Tens of thousands would attend his services, with top politicians from across Africa among his followers.

But his teachings and practices were also controversial.


Best known for his prophecies, TB Joshua claims to have predicted numerous events, from the death of Michael Jackson to the disappearance of the Malaysian plane MH370.

In the case of Michael Jackson, TB Joshua said to his congregation: “In his own area he is famous. He is known everywhere. Great. Too great. Because I see something will begin to happen to that star and that will likely end in him to pack his load and go to the journey of no return but I don’t know when that journey [is].”

After Michael Jackson’s death, the preacher claimed this was the subject he had spoken about six months earlier.
His critics have described his predictions as vague and able to be manipulated to suit any event. This has not deterred the thousands of followers who throng his church services seeking direction.

TB Joshua predicted that Covid-19 would end on March 27, 2020, later saying he meant the virus would be gone from Wuhan.

In April, YouTube suspended his account due to allegations of hate speech after a rights body filed a complaint about videos showing the preacher conducting prayers to “cure” gay people.

Facebook also removed at least one post showing a woman being slapped while Joshua said he was casting out a “demonic spirit”.

Tributes have been pouring in on social media for the preacher, widely referred to as Prophet T. B. Joshua by his followers.

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