Expedite investigations into Kasoa ‘ritual murder’ – Chief Imam to police


The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Dr Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, has added his voice to the recent heinous crime committed by two teenagers in Kasoa in the Cental Region, calling on the law enforcement agencies to subject all accomplices to the “full rigours of the law without fear or favour”.

“While vehemently condemning the crime, what is of utmost importance to engage the attention of all especially the custodians of cultural values, religion and moral consciousness is the speedy erosion of our values and spirit of communitarianism which have held our societies together since time immemorial,” the Spokesperson for Sheikh Nuhu Sharubutu wrote on behalf of the Chief Imam.

In a statement titled ‘Reflections of the National Chief Imam on the Kasoa Ritual Murder and Implications for Society’, Sheikh Armiyawo Shaibu stated that the anguish evoked by the murder of Ishmael Abdallah Mensah, 11, can only be assuaged by the belief and consolation that he “is listed among martyrs who are living and rejoicing in the blissful and peaceful presence of the Almighty Allah”.

“We therefore implore all those affected by the horrendous crime to continue to endure with equanimity to heavy test to which they have been subject.


“For it is only the Almighty God who is capable of consoling and soothing their pain in the long run.

“While consoling the bereaved family with sympathies expressed, the National Chief Imam would also like to add his voice to the public outrage and condemnations that have filled the media space since the incident occurred.

“Beyond the outrage the, National Chief Imam strongly supports the call by well-meaning Ghanaians and men and women of pure conscience that, the law enforcement agencies should expedite investigations and subject all accomplices to the heinous crime to the full rigors of the law without fear or favor.”

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