Even My Personal Driver’s “Vote” Didn’t Count, So I Had Zero At His Polling Station – Ayariga

Hassan ayariga

Founder and Flagbearer for the All Peoples Congress (APC) Hassan Ayariga has alleged that his driver voted for him at the Hatso station but during the counting, he had zero.

According to him, it is proof that the Electoral Commission (EC) wasn’t fair with the smaller political parties in the 2020 election.

“This is not for public consumption but I will say it. Even the security and driver in my house when I was going for election I left them here, they went to the polls and voted for Hassan Ayariga. My driver cannot say he doesn’t know my picture, he doesn’t know political party. They stood there and the day they counted I got zero. He voted for me and when they counted I got zero. He said he wept that day.”

He noted that apart from being cheated by the Electoral Commission of Ghana, COVID-19 also affected the fortunes of his party and other smaller political parties in the country because they did not get ample time and platforms to make their policies known to the people of Ghana.


“The last election was very sad. If you look at what happened in the last election, COVID-19 played a key role and not everybody had access to television. The NPP and NDC have media houses that belong to their party so they sat on those platforms to reach out to the people but the smaller parties didn’t have such media except GUM who has a television station and could reach out there

Smaller parties struggled because of COVID. You remember there was no campaign, nothing. People were now used to the NPP and NDC thing so it didn’t give the smaller parties the opportunity to sell themselves even though they had better policies for the country than the bigger parties.”

Hassan Ayariga said he is not aware of the number of votes he garnered during the 2020 election but was optimistic of a win in 2024.

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