Eastern Regional Minister calls for calm between ECG, Kroboland

Seth Kwame Acheampong

The Eastern Regional Minister, Seth Acheampong, has implored the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and residents of the Krobo Enclave to treat each other with decorum in the aftermath of a protracted agitation over the installation of pre-paid meters.

Mr Acheampong believes this will bring peace to the area. He made these comments at a press briefing at the Ministry of Information.

“Once you utilize the utility, you should be ready to pay for the service because the service provider, the generator and the transmitter are all spending to produce the resource for us and the resource needs to be paid for,” the Minister said to the residents.

He further urged ECG to be more measured in its approach to the installation of the prepaid metres, “because you are serving and helping all of us.”


“This has been the way we have been able to leave the stalemate into a settlement, and we are posting peacefully to ensure that we fully deploy the prepaid meters into the municipality.”

ECG and the soldiers accompanying its personnel have been accused of using excessive force in attempts to install prepaid meters.

Parts of the Krobo enclave had been without power for over three weeks after residents continued to protest against the installation of prepaid meters.

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