E-LEVY: Businesses start rejecting Mobile Money payments


Ahead of the implementation of the controversial Electronic Levy (E-LEVY) on transfers including the highly patronized Mobile Money (MoMo), some businesses have started rejecting payments.null

Some of these businesses have placed a notice at their entrances alerting people about the fact that they have decided not to accept payments through the Mobile Money platforms.

This is a reaction from these businesses to the planned implementation of the E-LEVY which will see a 1.75 percentile charge on all transfers.

E-LEVY: Businesses start rejecting Mobile Money payments

The Minister for Finance, Communications Minister, The Vice President and the President have communicated their collective effort to pass the E-LEVY which they believe would increase the government’s revenue astronomically.


On the back of that and the fear businesses and individuals have concerning the new tax, these businesses have boycotted the Mobile Money payment platforms as they look forward to accepting only the traditional medium of transaction.

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